What tools and websites do you use to find candidates?

Aside from our extensive recruiting network, we utilize a wide range of technology, job boards, data solutions and proprietary sourcing methods that help us find the perfect candidates for you.

What is the average amount of time it takes to place a candidate?  

Aspen Talent Solutions will strive to work with any timeline given to us by our clients. On average, we normally take seven to fourteen days to find the perfect candidate for your organization.

Do you have experience recruiting for my industry? If not, how will you be able to meet our particular recruiting needs?  

Aspen Talent Solutions' "focus industries" are construction, technology, and accounting. That being said, we have successfully filled many positions, even crew members for professional motorsport teams. Aspen Talent Solutions is always willing to learn new industries and to make sure that our customer's needs are fulfilled.

How much do you involve business owners throughout the hiring process? 

We are more than happy to engage with business owners when they would like to be involved. Aspen Talent Solutions supports as much collaboration as our clients prefer, but we are also more than capable of running the entire process independently.

Do you offer exclusive recruiting services to manage hiring for my whole team? 

Yes. We found that some companies do not have enough resources to focus on hiring while trying to run and grow the business simultaneously. For a flat fee, Aspen Talent Solutions can take over all of your hiring needs and become your "in-house" recruiting team.

How do you calculate fees for your services? When is payment due?

We calculate our fees based on industry standard rates. In large volume hires, we can often decrease rates to account for economies of scale savings. 

Our goal at Aspen Talent Solutions is not to make as much money as possible off of our clients. Rather, our goal is to build a long-standing relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We value our clients and relationships over anything else. Contact us today to learn more about our rates: contact@aspentalentsolutions.com.

Does your firm assist with the onboarding process? 

Normally, our clients prefer to handle their own onboarding processes. However, Aspen Talent Solutions is willing to work with your firm to meet your specific needs. Whatever we can do to make the hiring process easier for you, we will strive to give you our best.

What do you look for in a candidate?

Because a well-run organization is a team based sport, we look for a team-player who is highly motivated, a good resource manager, adaptive, and willing to admit mistakes. We have found that these combined qualities lead to harmonious and successful teams in the long run.